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International Arts Minor Courses

College of A&A

Art History

Any ARTH course with a focus outside the U.S.

Landscape Architecture

LARCH 060 History of Landscape Architecture


MUSIC 005 Introduction to Western Music

MUSIC 009 Introduction to World Music

MUSIC 261 Survey of Music History I

MUSIC 262 Survey of Music History II

Theatre Arts

THEA 100 The Art of the Theatre

THEA 401W Theatre History I: Ancient to 1700

THEA 402W Theatre History II: From 1700 to Present

THEA 406 Theatre in Asia

College of the L.A.


CAMS 001 Greek and Roman Literature

CAMS 034 Latin Literature in English Translation


COMM 452 Topics in International Cinema

Comparative Literature

CMLIT 001 Masterpieces of Western Literature through the Renaissance

CMLIT 002 Masterpieces of Western Literature since the Renaissance

CMLIT 003 Masterpieces of Literature from Africa

CMLIT 004 Masterpieces of Literature from Asia

CMLIT 010 Forms of World Literature: A Global Perspective

CMLIT 101 The Theme of Identity in World Literature

CMLIT 105 The Development of Literary Humor

CMLIT 106 The Arthurian Legend

CMLIT 107 The Literature of Exploration

CMLIT 110 Jewish Literature: An International Perspective

CMLIT 111 Literatures of Modern India

CMLIT 185 The Modern Novel in World Literature

CMLIT 404 Literary Modes of Asia

CMLIT 422 African Drama

CMLIT 423 African Novel

CMLIT 443 Literary Relations of Germany with England and America

CMLIT 470 Old Masters of the Modern Novel

CMLIT 480 The International Folklore

CMLIT 488 Modern Continental Drama


ELISH 485 The World Novel


Lit and culture courses.


Lit and culture courses.


Lit and culture courses.


Lit and culture courses.


Lit and culture courses.


Lit and culture courses.


Lit and culture courses.


Lit and culture courses.


Lit and culture courses.


Lit and culture courses.