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Courses and Minors

Part of the Intercollege Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI)

Program Specifics

The Arts Entrepreneurship “cluster” in the ENTI minor includes three courses worth a total of 10 credits. All students in the minor also take four core courses.

The preferred course sequence is to first complete MGMT 215, Entrepreneurial Mindset. Next, they complete ENGR 310, Entrepreneurial Leadership (this is not an engineering course), concurrently or in sequence with A&A 322 Arts Marketing and A&A Arts Enterprise Development, and/or A&A 324 Arts Entrepreneurship and the Law. After completing A&A 322 and 323, students enroll in A&A 424 Arts Entrepreneurship Capstone Research Project, and finally, enroll in MGMT/ENGR/IST 425, New Venture Creation, for their ENTI capstone experience.

Figure 1: Preferred sequence of courses for the Arts Entrepreneurship cluster.

Summary of Cluster Courses

A&A 322 Arts Marketing (3) Prereq: third-semester standing
Introduces arts markets and consumption models for emerging arts entrepreneurs, explores issues in marketing aesthetic products and creating/communicating artistic value.

A&A 323 Arts Enterprise Development (3) Prereq: third-semester standing
Students envision a customized art venture, complete a feasibility study, learn arts business start-up, and develop skills in entrepreneurial decision-making.

A&A 324 Arts Entrepreneurship and the Law (1) No Prerequisite
Covers general legal considerations in the arts and pertinent issues for monetizing creative work. Topics include navigating the legal system, intellectual property, contracts, business organization and start-up, and taxation.

A&A 424 Arts Entrepreneurship Capstone Research Project (3) Prereq: A&A 322, 323
Mentored research on an arts venture idea equips students for immediate, informed, individually specific action upon completion of the program.