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Testimonials from the Arts Entrepreneurship Program

Testimonial from an Alumnus of Penn State College of Arts & Architecture

“The Arts Entrepreneurship Program at Penn State is a game changer. Period. I only wish that this had been available to us when I went to school! If you are serious about making your artistic passion into a lifelong career, then you must learn how to be an entrepreneur. The vast majority of the programs out there leave this crucial element out of their trainings because they are solely focused on training people to be skilled at their art. That is only part of what makes a successful career as an artist! With nearly 20 years in the entertainment industry, I can tell you first hand that more people give up their career as an artist not due to lack of talent or desire, but to lack of entrepreneurial skills needed to sustain them on their journey and take their careers higher than they ever dreamed.

The Arts Entrepreneurship Program at Penn State offers a solution to being a 'starving artist.' Imagine what it would feel like to walk out of college as a finely tuned instrument for your art, AND with all of the business savvy you need to build the career you always wanted. Imagine you had an artistic idea and knew exactly how to develop it and build a wildly successful business around it and didn't waste time. What if you had full access to your creativity and complete understanding of how to make a living from it? If that sounds like something you would like, then get to Penn State and get into these classes.”
– Joe and Christine Abraham, L.A.-based actors

Testimonials from Students in Arts Entrepreneurship Program

“Learning about the business side of the arts is crucial to being successful in the arts. From creating our own potential businesses to meeting renowned arts entrepreneurs from around the world, we cover it all in this program. I've learned so much and have Dr. Gangi to thank for starting this program and helping me discover the path I want to take in my arts career.”
– Angela D’Alotto (graduate student in music)

“As a graduate student in cello performance, I found the Arts Entrepreneurship program to be extremely helpful in developing my ability to wisely use my talent not only through traditional performance practice, but also through innovation and imagination that is so important in today's world.”
– Tania Pyatovolenko (graduate student in music)

“This program will make you begin to think about the business side of art. Know the business, know how to market yourself and your arts venture, and know your art's worth!”
– Jerrie Johnson (undergraduate student in theatre)

“Taking classes in arts entrepreneurship has been an invaluable part of my education at Penn State. The courses have given me a new appreciation for marketing and the arts, and have provided a foundation for starting my own creative venture.”
– Alissa Pendorf (undergraduate student in integrative arts, focus on graphic design)