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Worker Compensation Assistance

Department Representative Email Phone Address

Art History

Chris Cooper cww2 5-4873 240 Borland

Architecture and

Landscape Architecture

Kristy Catalano kxb1 5-7927 121 Stuckeman

School of Music

Steve Bumbarger svb4 3-4421 233 Music

School of Theatre

Judy King jqk5 5-7587

116 Theatre

School of Visual Arts

Mary Corman mmm2 5-0445 210 Patterson

Center for the Performing Arts

Lisa Faust lxm2 5-4727 B40 Eisenhower Aud.

Palmer Museum of Art

Jeremy Warner jrw255 3-5232 302 Palmer

Blue Band

Vickie Clauer vcc2 5-3982 101 Blue Band Bldg

Office of the Dean

Gwen Miller gem15 7-3122

103 Borland

Human Resource Office

Shelly Marquardt



120 Borland

Facilities and Safety

Katie Rountree mkr10 3-5733 103 Borland