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Academic Field Trip Links

Field Trips - General Information

Academic Field Trips (Domestic Travel)

International Fieldtrips are managed using Travel Safety Network (TSN)

Faculty To Do's / Responsibilities

Student To Do's / Complete and Provide Forms As Required

Departmental Staff To Do's / Responsibilities

  • Assist Faculty in completing the appropriate CHECKLIST (Domestic)
  • Assist Faculty with transportation and lodging arrangements
  • Create Roster for Faculty to take on field trip
  • Create Roster for On Campus Contact Person
  • Verify/Confirm Completion of Required Student Forms
  • Verify/Confirm Emergency Contact Information is complete

On Campus Contact Person Responsibilities

  • Have Roster of all Faculty and Students on the field trip including all Emergency Contact information
  • Have copy of CHECKLIST with trip itinerary
  • Have cell phone number of faculty on field trip