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Miscellaneous Notes

Group Meal Forms - required for all group meals and related expenses. Expenses charged to the following object codes will require a group meal form:

  • 324 Meeting Expenses - Professional Development
  • 325 Group Meals - Professional Development
  • 329 Group Meetings
  • 332 Group Meals
  • 393 Professional Services (Caterers)


Group Meal Forms must clearly state the BUSINESS PURPOSE of the meal and must be signed by unit head - no proxies or designated signers.

Group Meal Forms for department heads must be approved by the Dean. The Financial Office will forward these forms to the Dean for approval.

The maximum allowable per person charged to GENERAL FUNDS is equal to the daily meal per diem for that location. For example, the daily meal per diem for State College is $56. Therefore, the maximum amount that can be charged to general funds for a group meal held in State College is $56 per person. Any amount above the $56 per person will result in a payroll deduction.

When reporting group meal expenses, the use of a title of the committee or group in lieu of individual names is acceptable for groups exceeding 12 individuals. Individual names must always be provided for groups of 12 or less, and the names and affiliation of all non-employee guests regardless of the size of the group. When the title of the committee or group is used in lieu of individual names, the Financial Officer reserves the right to clarify the identity of attendees before approving the group meal expense.

Employee-Only Group Meeting Expense or Group Meals - If only University employees are in attendance at a group meal or group meeting, the expenditure MUST be x-coded, even if the business purpose of the meeting would normally be allowable. This also includes professional development group meals.