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FaceAge Opens at HUB-Robeson Center

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Caleb and David

It’s such a simple gesture, a hand reaching out to stroke a cheek.

Between friends and loved ones, it conveys caring, trust, tenderness. Between people who met just a few hours ago and who think they don’t have much in common, it can feel scary, threatening, too intimate.

It can also dissolve the emotional and perceptual barriers between the people involved. Andy Belser had that in mind when he came up with the framework for FaceAge, a video installation that opens Friday, Sept. 30, at the HUB-Robeson Center.

Belser, director of the Arts & Design Research Incubator and a professor of movement, voice, and acting in Penn State’s School of Theatre, envisioned a space in which pairs of strangers, separated by a gulf of decades, would share their assumptions and experiences about aging. To that end, he matched young (18-22) and older (70+) volunteers for three days of videotaped revelation and reflection.

Full story, by Cherie Winner