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Graduate Exhibition Showcase

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Bradley Klem Ceramics

The Borland Project Space presents the third annual Graduate Exhibition Showcase highlighting the work of College of Arts and Architecture graduate students who participated in the poster, visual arts, and performance options. The exhibition will be display Tuesday, April 25 – Friday, May 5, 2017. The Graduate Exhibition celebrates research and creative scholarship, in all its aspects, and places special emphasis on communicating research and creative endeavors to a general audience.

Poster Exhibit Participants include: Julio Diarte (Architecture, First Place Winner, Arts & Humanities), Ashley Duffey (Art History), Lacey Goldberg (Landscape Architecture), Laurin Goad (Art History), Nichole Jara (Theatre), Keri Mongelluzzo (Art History), Nasim Motalebi (Architecture), Naveen Kumar Muthumanickam (Architecture), Shanti Nachtergaele (Music), Angelica Rocio Rodriguez Ramirez (Architecture, First Place Winner, Arts & Humanities), Elena Vazquez (Architecture), and Caitlin Yost (Theatre).

Visual Arts Participants: Valerie Dillon (Art, Second Place Winner), Ming Feng (Art), Bradley Klem (Art), Lindsey Landfried (Art, First Place Winner), Ciara Newton (Art Education, Second Place Winner), Hillel O'Leary (Art), Holly Veenis (Art), and Terry Young (Art).

Performance Participants include: Amelia Amaya (Music Performance), Emily Buehler (Music Performance), Alma Bulibekova (Music Performance), Miguel Campos (Music Performance), Stephen Cannistraci (Music Performance), Stephen Fleming (Music Performance, Third Place Winner), Christopher O'Brien (Music Performance), Anthony Poehailos (Music Performance, First Place Winner), Kathryn Rudnik (Music Performance), and Fabio Saggin (Music Performance, Second Place Winner).

For more information, visit the Borland Project Space website: