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Transfer Student Information

Advanced Standing:

An applicant who has attended any regionally accredited college or institution on the college level and attempted 18 or more semester credits subsequent to high school graduation may be considered for admission with advanced standing. Attendance at any other institution must be reported at the time of application. Failure to indicate, at the time of application, previous registration at another college or university may result in refusal or cancellation of admission.

Admissions Requirements:

Stuckeman School (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Graphic Design)

Department of Art History (ART H)

Department of Integrative Arts (INART)

School of Music (AAMUS)

School of Theatre (THRBA, THRFA, THRMT)

School of Visual Arts (AAART)

Evaluating Transfer Credits:

See Undergraduate Admissions Office Web site:

An official transcript must be received by the Undergraduate Admissions Office from any postsecondary school attended. Please send to the following address:

Undergraduate Admissions Office
The Pennsylvania State University
201 Shields Building
University Park, PA 16802-1294

Credit Transfer Policies:

In evaluating course credit for transfer from another institution, the Undergraduate Admissions Office follows policies set forth by the Faculty Senate of the Pennsylvania State University. The Undergraduate Admissions Office is responsible for determining how credits transfer to Penn State. The academic department in which the student enrolls is responsible for determining how credits may be applied to meet the requirements of the degree program.

After an advanced standing applicants is offered admission, the College’s
Undergraduate Studies Office will send the applicant a letter indicating how transfer credits will be applied to the degree program.


Architecture - Erica Quinn (
Art History -   Elizabeth Smith (
Integrative Arts - Janet Hartranft (           
Landscape Architecture -  Erica Quinn (
Music -  Daryl Durran (
Visual Arts - Angela Rothrock (
Theatre – Stacie Chandler (
Graphic Design - Erica Quinn (

Recommended Academic Plans


Transfer students who wish to apply for on-campus housing at UP must do so through the eLiving Housing Contract System.  Those students planning to live off-campus should review housing opportunities made available through the Division of Student Affairs at UP at

College Contact:

Kelly Praskovich
104 Borland

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I schedule classes?  You can make an appointment with your department to discuss the evaluation of your transfer courses and discuss courses you should try to schedule for fall. 

The department should be able to help you schedule your first semester classes.  Once an adviser is assigned and the beginning of the semester is near, double check with your adviser to make sure you have scheduled the appropriate classes and not repeated a requirement you may have already met.

What should I do if I come to campus this summer to meet with my department?  If you come to campus this summer you should first get your Penn State id+ card--the official University ID.  You must go to the id+ Office in 20 HUB-Robeson Center.  Please make sure to bring a driver’s license, passport, high school photo ID card or other form of photo identification with you.  Your id card cannot be processed without a photo ID.  (Penn State IDs may be obtained at any Penn State campus). 

The next step is to establish a computer account.  To do this, take your Penn State id+ card and go to a signature station in a computer lab (see list below) and follow the online instructions.

103 Boucke Building
6 Findlay Building
W130 Pattee Library (ITS Service Desk at Knowledge Commons)
201 Pollock Building
205 Redifer Building
107 Waring Building
107 Warnock Building
109 Willard Building

How do I schedule classes?  If you have your computer access account and password, you will be able to schedule on eLion from home.  Use the following Web site to look for courses:

If you do not have an access account, you can request the assistance of your department to schedule or wait until you arrive on campus to schedule.   Become familiar with the Schedule of Courses on the Web and fill out the Registration and Drop/Add form located at (student forms).

How do I learn how to use eLion? - Your adviser will show you this on-line system (

Who is my adviser?   Departments will assign advisers at different times.  They may wait until late in the summer.   Once an adviser is assigned, it will be reflected on eLion.  You can still meet with the department about your courses even if you have not been assigned an adviser.

For more information, please contact:
Kelly Praskovich
Coordinator of Enrollment Services
104 Borland Building