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  • Glee Club Singers
  • First Year Architecture student
  • Mariah Claiborne in Playhouse Theatre
  • Lightbox drawing
  • SOVA exhibit in Zoller
  • Maeve Berry on piano
  • Trouble in Tahiti
  • Dance performance
  • Lauerman ceramics class
  • Art History Color Seminar
  • Steel Valley Rhythms 2
  • Jazz drummer hands
  • Steel Valley Rhythms
  • Palmer Museum students
  • Noah Breneman
  • Dance with musician
  • Dunleavy in BPS dancing
  • Hands architecture
  • LARCH review
  • Be More Chill Flashmob
  • Jazz Drummer
  • Austin Eyer dance class
  • LARCH review 2
  • SOVA MFA crit
  • Graphic design student

Student Engagement

Developing an urban park proposal in collaboration with local residents (community-based learning)

Teaching art to school-age children on Saturday mornings (community-based and service learning)

Interning with a New York City graphic design firm during summer break (internship)

Spending a semester in London as part of your theatre degree (study abroad)

Those are just a few examples of how students in the College of Arts and Architecture “engage” in their learning outside the classroom, through experiences that contribute to their academic, personal, and social growth and development. We encourage our students to seek out and cultivate these opportunities that not only complement their coursework, but also help them grow both academically and personally.

Penn State is committed to engaged scholarship and members of the University community are working toward creating more opportunities outside the traditional academic environment, such as community-based learning, service learning, internships, capstone experiences, study abroad, and more. For more information on Penn State’s Engaged Scholarship efforts, visit

Within the College of Arts and Architecture, there are several projects that support or enhance engaged scholarship efforts:

A&A Arts Ambassadors

A&A Arts Ambassadors represent the College of Arts and Architecture at University functions, assist with recruitment efforts, and lead tours throughout the year. They promote the idea of all students having meaningful arts experiences at Penn State by showing how it is part of the campus culture, similar to attending sporting events or participating in THON. This project is built on the principle of students engaging other students to be active participants in their college experience.

President’s Council

The President’s Council consists of student leaders of various University organizations and clubs. The council’s goal is to act as a forum for communicating ideas and concerns and promoting events.

University Park Salon Conversations

The Salon Conversation series is a student-centered discussion platform where students, faculty, and staff from across the University address topics that are of interest and relevant to life at Penn State and beyond. Participants come together to think, speak, listen, inspire, increase knowledge, break down barriers, build a diverse community, and amuse one another, through casually moderated conversations.

For more information on engagement efforts and projects, please contact:

Curt Marshall
Multicultural Affairs, Recruitment and Arts Engagement Coordinator
College of Arts and Architecture
104 Borland Building
University Park, PA 16802

Curt Marshall